I offer local home delivery of anything I have in stock.

I have a handful of beers that will be cold at any time, but the selection changes, so if you want cold beer delivered, feel free to ask what chilled beers are available.

As I am the only employee of Hot Wax, when I am on a delivery, the store will be temporarily closed. Because of this, I am making my delivery area relatively small as to minimize the time that I will have to close the store. 

There is a minimum delivery amount of $15 before tax and delivery charge.

The hours of delivery will sometimes be different than the hours of operation for the store front. Check the Facebook page HERE to see if a post has been made about extending delivery hours on any given day. 

If you’d like to order for delivery, just call or text it over to 636.323.9486.

p.s. This is a new thing I’m trying so there are probably going to be some kinks to work out. Plz bear with me.